Getting Started...

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There is something very charming and romantic about the  idea to work from a small village. So, without thinking much we decided to have our operational base at a small village near Manali in Himachal Pradesh, India. What we didn't knew was that our problems has just begun.

First to find an appropriate place, suitable for our kind of operation, was a big challenge. Most of  the houses are away from main road and approachable only on foot. Power and telecom, what we take for granted, was a serous challenge. Finally, we needed a place big enough to setup our Garage, Workshop, equipment and storage for camping equipment. And, finally, it should be good enough location to spend 10 to14 hours a day, glued to our laptop computers. Next, we need a License to run the business which required  Tax Registrations which in turn required  Bank Accounts. Bank needs the Letterhead, Rubber Stamps and Lease Deed. Looks like we have a busy schedule ahead.

As African saying goes, if you eat piece by piece, you can eat whole elephant. OK. So we chose to address one problem at a time.