OmgHimalaya is a specialist motorcycle touring company in the Indian Himalayas. Setup by two local mountain folk, this is an honest endeavour to share the joy of riding in these untamed territories. We operate from a small village in the northern Himalayas with a population less than 300 souls. The village is aptly named "17-Miles". We employ local resources in order to contribute directly to the local economy and welfare of a community that gave us a wonderful childhood.
Though recently incorporated as a partnership firm, our team has more than two decades of motorcycle touring experience in India. The Himalayas have always fascinated people. Snow covered mountains, sparkling rivers, chiselled valleys, extreme climate and sky-high altitude are the ultimate elixir for the adventurous traveller.  As the popular saying goes, "If you travel in the Himalayas once, you are not the same person, ever again".
While a remote corner of the planet for others, this is our home. We grew up in these mountains. Now we bring you the joy of enjoying these magnificent mountains, like a true traveller, on a motorcycle saddle. Simple and uncomplicated. Meanwhile, these mountains are standing tall and proud. And yes, there are roads. Waiting for you..



Why omgHimalaya

All inclusive pricing
Understand Local Chutzpah
Vocation by passion
Permits and Paperwork
Impromptu Cultural Interactions
Sense of Humour


Virender (aka Rai Bahadur Saheb)  is 50 years old and still climbs a hill like a mountain goat. He is a veteran of 22 years of running commercial motorcycle tours in the mountains of Himalaya and deserts of Rajasthan. He was one of the few early birds to foresee the potential in motorcycle touring in these heavily restricted  Himalayan region. He started providing  world-class logistics to other Adventure touring companies from around the globe. After initial struggles, now he is a well-established name in the industry and enjoys a reputation of his own.  He knows every bend in the road.

He is an avid angler and spends leisure time fishing along obscure mountain streams. While not riding or fishing, he grows fruits  in his well-groomed apple orchard in Kullu Valley, assisted by Titan, his faithful German Shepherd.

He is married and has a daughter and son.


After working in a Corporate Banking job for more than two decades, Charanjeev  (aka Jeev) discovered the bliss of motorcycle riding. He purchased his first bike at a ripe age of 43. With only 500 kilometres of total riding experience (going around in circles in building compound), he hit the deadly Indian highways.  Twenty thousand kilometres and six months later he came back grinning. He literally lived on the road and travelled every nook and corner of the country. He never stopped riding since then and never went  back to corporate job either.

His new found passion took him to rides in Rift Valley and Masai Mara in Kenya; Steppes and Gobi desert in Mongolia and Chateaux of Vallee de la Loire in France.

His transition from worsted woollen suits to Cordura riding jackets has been a very happy beginning.

He is married and has a daughter. He is still looking for a place to live.


James Bruce.(Global Brand Ambassador)

James (The Wanderlion) Bruce, our Global Brand Ambassador is from Toronto, Canada. Ever since the purchase of his very first bike (a Suzuki GS500) almost 20 years ago he knew he was destined to live his life on two wheels. 
Back in 2012, after living the typical 9-5 office grind and working in more restaurants, cafes and night clubs over the decades than he care to count, he left his home in Ontario with a voracious appetite for adventure and no particular destination. What was meant to be a 4 month sabbatical turned into a five year journey around the globe and in that time he has visited nearly 40 countries and made countless lifelong friendships.
Then, in 2016 after a long overdue test of the extreme he finally decided to make his way to India, not knowing at the time that it would soon become one of his favorite countries in the world and now a real home away from home. Immediately after landing at  his guesthouse in Cochin, there stood outside, a brand new black and shiny Royal Enfield beckoning him in an almost subliminal whisper “ride me”. It didn’t take long for him to seal the deal and within two weeks of rickshaw rides, shopping and haggling-he was the proud new owner of a Classic Bullet 350! He immediately hit the road and over the course of six epic months he travelled over 10,000 km’s from sea to sky finally reaching the beautiful Himalayas.

As a hobby he loves photography and combined with his passion for motorcycles and vast landscapes of North India has truly captured his soul in a way words cannot express.

Vikas Anand.(Head-Logistics)

Just fresh out of college, while others were still looking for direction in life, Vikas fell in love with the road. Since then he has come a long way and eaten enough Himalayan dirt to find best comforts for our riders in these unforgiving terrain. Our riders rank him very high on cuteness quotient.  While not riding, he explores the river beds on his cycle or snowboards the fine powder during winter months. He also keeps us alive on Social Media. He can kill you with his sheer innocence. He also has a pet cow and provides her top-notch care.

He is SINGLE and lives with his parents.