General Terms

As the services to be provided to the tour participants are booked several months in advance, cancellation of such services earmarked for a particular departure results in the Company losing money depending upon the time of cancellation to the Supplier. Therefore any cancellation of tour / services booked by a tour participant will attract cancellation charges as specified by the company. If the tour participant books a third party product or service, the Terms and Conditions and cancellation policy of such third party would be applicable in addition to the Company's Terms and Conditions. Any cancellation of tour / services has to be in writing clearly stating the reasons for cancellation.

omgHimalaya Adventures reserves the right to cancel any Tour prior to the departure, without assigning any reason and all monies paid by you will be refunded forthwith in Indian Rupees only after deducting the actual expenses incurred by us on your booking like visas, insurance premiums, POE charges, ticket voiding charges, administrative charges and other overheads as applicable from case to case, but no compensation and/or interest are payable.

If circumstances make you cancel your Tour, the cancellation must be intimated to us in writing duly signed by each of the Clients seeking cancellation at the Registered Office of the company at Village 17 Miles, PO Bran, Tehsil Manali, District Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA 175131. An advance intimation can be sent by email to

Booking Method

Step 1: Select a tour.
Step 2: Select the Departure Date for that tour.
Step 3: Fill-up the Booking/Inquiry form OR Send us a mail OR Call us.
Step 4: We'll send a mail with details of availability and raise invoice with Payment Instructions.
Step 5: Pay Advance Deposit to confirm your booking.

Payment Methods

-We accept only online Bank Transfer/Wire Transfer.
-Currently, we accept USD, GBP, EURO and Indian Rupees.
-Credit Cards/Debit Cards/Paypal are not accepted.
-Cash is not accepted.

Payment Terms

Payment Due

Event Description


Advance Deposit to confirm the Reservation.

50% 60 Days prior to departure
40% Days prior to Departure


Payment Due

Event Description

Cancelled 60 days prior to Tour Departure Date

100% of the Advance Deposit is Refunded.

Cancelled between 59 and 30 days prior to Tour Departure Date Advance Deposit is forfeited. 50% of remaining is refunded.
Cancelled 29 days prior to Tour Departure Date or No Show No Refund